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Wirex is launching crypto-friendly banking services

Wirex is launching crypto-friendly banking services

The Wirex blog posted a message stating that all users of the app will get personal bank accounts. The new service will be launched before the end of the month; physical debit cards will be linked to the accounts.

Wirex is an online banking system using cryptocurrency. It is registered in Britain. In December and January, the company stopped servicing prepaid debit cards for digital currency due to the sanctions from Visa Europe. But it continued to look for other ways to realize its goal: give every cryptocurrency owner a convenient tool for paying for any goods and services.

The last message of the company blog says that soon, all users of the service will have access to a personal bank account. It will be registered in England, but available from anywhere in the world.

The account will also have to be registered with the UK Financial Conduct Authority; after that, it will be possible to receive transfers across the country and from abroad. Each number will have a linked debit card, with the balance equal to one of the account.

As promised by Wirex, owners of these cards will get extended limits for the purchase of cryptocurrency. There are no detailed explanations on the functioning of the card and its connection to the cryptocurrency account, but authors of the blog declare that they are working on "solving financial and legal barriers" in the field of cryptocurrency.

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