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Green cryptocurrencies – clean money for the future

Green cryptocurrencies – clean money for the future

The head of the Hoffmann Centre for Sustainable Resource Economy Bernice Lee states that cryptocurrencies will cause green revolution. She says that with years it is quite possible that mankind will shift to green energetics. However, ‘clean finances’ are required to implement that.

Lee expects that green cryptocurrencies will appear in the coming year together with new investments forms. That can happen due to the union of blockchain and smart contracts with new environmental data.

With the blockchain technology, supply chain data in various economy directions can be added to a single unified database. Such a transparent and accurate system can provide quantitative assessment to environmental benefits from modern technologies aimed to eventually bring the products to the market.

Even today, green cryptocurrencies are available to users:

  • GENERcoin is used to buy solid biofuel or traded like Bitcoin;
  • EnergyCoin is required for users to exchange the electric power.

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